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Interview with Noel Desilets, Paranormal Experiencer/Musician for Ash Black

Noel Desilets is the drummer for the Sacramento based band called Ash Black.  They will be performing at Witchapalooza at Cal-Expo on October 10th and October 11th, 2009.  Below is her paranormal story.  Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager www.hpiparanormal.net

Question: First off tell us something about yourself. Maybe something about your family life, schools you may have attended, work that you do, etc.

Answer: Well I grew up in Tucson, AZ. I lived in the house I grew up in for most of life. My husband and I have been married for almost 18 years and we recently relocated to California to be closer to my mother. My father died about 9 years ago. As far as a job goes I work with people who are developmentally disabled and I provide home care for the elderly.

Question: You have a very interesting story. It appears that you have been experiencing the paranormal all your life, can you please explain how it started off?

Answer: Honestly I’m not sure when it started, it’s just always been an interest of mine since I was little. The thought of a ghost used to scare the crap out of me. After a few up close and personal experiences, I just chose not to be scared anymore. I can control the situation or I can be bullied by these unseen forces. Not that I believe all ghosts are bullies, I’ve had many wonderful experiences as well, but at one point of time I was being picked on.

Question: Please talk about some of the paranormal experiences that you have experienced throughout your life.

Answer: As I got older and started actually paying attention to what was going on around me, I realized that I could sense when there was a threatening, dark or evil (however you want to say it) presence that I may pick up on. I don’t think that’s a “unique” ability, I believe we all have it, we just don’t always acknowledge it.

One night I was home alone, and I felt very nervous and scared, so I slept with the hall light on….I was laying in bed and felt like something was wrong, I opened my eyes to a HUGE black shadow standing over me. Very demonic in form and it was reaching for me. I could see the form so well because it was perfectly back lit by the hall light. I immediately turned on my light and of course it was gone. I began to pray (I have a very strong faith in God) and I commanded it to leave my house and leave me alone. The house was immediately calm and so was I. I have had many experiences like that but more just feeling the evil around me, messing with me and it can be nerve wracking at times. I refuse to fear it and I fight it, I won’t be messed with.

For a more pleasant experience…As I mentioned before I lost my father. We were very close (as I am with my parents) and he literally died in my arms as I promised he would, (he had cancer). I kept telling him how I loved him, as he was in his last moments and everytime I did he took another breath, so my mom told me I needed to quit doing that and let him go. So that’s what I did and he took his last breath. A couple days later I arrived back in AZ with some stuff of his that I kept. I was sitting alone in the living room and I heard 3 distinct knocks on the door leading to the garage. No one uses that door, but my Dad always used it to go in and out, when he lived there. I opened the door and there was no one there. A few days later I was sitting with a friend in the living room and again and heard the 3 distinct knocks. I ignored it, waiting to see if she heard it also. Sure enough she said “Noel there’s someone at your door.” I said there wasn’t and she didn’t believe me so we went to the door and opened it and there was no one there….I said hi to my Dad and asked him too be cool, because he was scaring my friend (and he always loved to scare people).

One time I was working an overnighter at a home for adults with D.D. My staff told me the house was haunted, but I took it with a grain of salt until that night. I was in the office when I heard a blood curdling scream, something out of a horror movie. I ran through the house and checked on everyone and they were all sleeping. When I got back to the office there was that wicked feeling again and I could smell sulfur. I confronted it for the better part of 2 hours off and on. I was pissed because it wasn’t just me getting messed with, this entity was also messing with my clients and putting them at risk. It eventually left and no one ever had experiences in that house again.

Question: Why do you think that paranormal activities are part of your life?

Answer: I honestly don’t know.

Question: Do you think that the paranormal activities that you experience have something to do with your creative energy that you exert with your band Ash Black?

Answer: Possibly, I’ve never really thought about it. But my music is definitely my outlet. I write all the lyrics (for the most part) and they are based on personal experiences from all kinds of things. Our song “Fear” was written about the time in my life before I chose not to be scared of the paranormal and had a lot of nightmares and such.

Question: Does the band Ash Black have a website? How can someone contact you?

Answer: www.myspace.com/ashblacklist

Question: On a personal level, can you tell me about your recreational activities and hobbies besides playing in a band and ghosthunting on the side?

Answer: I like to work out with my mom, it’s good “mommy and me” time. I LOVE cartoons and collecting them on DVD. My favorite it is to sit in bed with my hubby and 2 cats and watch some “Superfriends”!

Question: You have some unusual tattoos, can you tell me what some of the tattoos represent?

Answer: I have one for my Father with a Columbian Red Tail boa and a black panther, we are a family of animal lovers and one point we had like 50 different kinds of snakes including the boa who was our favorite. Her name was Simon. I got one of a drunk turkey, yes I said turkey, with my grandfather’s name underneath “Virgil” He like to drink Wild Turkey. And course I have some of my favorite characters: Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, The Flintsones and The Jetsons. That’s just a few.

Question: This ends the interview, any words of wisdoms to our readers?

Answer: Fear is a natural reaction to what we don’t know…but we can choose not to let it control us. Face your fears, you’ll be stronger for it.

Note: Noel is a HPI Paranormal Investigator-in-training, tonight on Sept 11, 2009 is her first investigation with HPI. Good luck Noel.

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