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The Demon Warrior is on the Prowl!

The owner of HPI – Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe received an emergency phone call from South Sacramento, near where I live. The caller Ted Huntley tells Shannon that he believes a demon entity is inhabiting his home. Shannon sends the call over to me. While talking with Mr. Huntley, I am taking notes. I go back over his statement and discover that his statement is consistent and has no discrepancies or contradictions.

Mr. Huntley basically says that he was playing with a Ouija Board with 3 of his buddies, they were trying to make contact with the late Michael Jackson, since all 4 of them are big Michael Jackson fans. They had a candle lit and the candle flame went out on it’s own. They felt a cold draft enter the room. According to Mr. Huntley, one of his buddies passed out and started convulsing for 2 minutes.

After this session, they put up the Ouija Board and never brought it out again. Mr. Huntley says on one night the window slammed closed on its own. He has now seen a dark mass moving from his bedroom to the living room. Three scratch marks in the form of circles appeared on his legs. Mr. Huntley tells me he doesn’t want an investigation, he wants the demons out of his house. He wants his home blessed! Mr. Huntley is a devout Catholic and asks if I could do an emergency blessing of his home. I agree.

I am not ordained, but I have learned enough from my former priest in Louisiana to know what is needed for a blessing. I head over to Mr. Huntley’s home and to my horror, the home smelled of rotted flesh. The smell lasted for mere seconds before dissipating. I asked Mr. Huntley if he smelled the odor and he said "no". I proceeded with the blessing and after I was finished, Mr. Huntley claimed he could smell a flowery fragrance. Now here is the odd thing, I didn’t smell the fragrance. Legend has it, that if a home is properly blessed, you will hear a thundering sound. The sound of demons leaving the home and afterwards a fragrant smell will resonate through the home. This is the indication that angels are now protecting the home.

I didn’t hear any thundering sounds, but Mr. Huntley claims to have smelled the fragrance after my blessing. So, perhaps I was successful. It has been over a week now and Mr. Huntley claims that there is no more paranormal activity in his home. He has also thrown his Ouija Board into the Sacramento River. Note: To burn a Ouija Board can bring upon a curse to your person or family. It is best to dispose of a Ouija Board by burying it on hollowed ground away from your property or throwing it into a river.

Mr. Huntley, have a good life and always seek out positive energy!

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Meet HPI Paranormal Investigator Renee Martine aka Mystreni! Drawn by VP Jazma Vice President Richard Vasseur:

On August 22, 2009, Saturday something paranormal happened to me. I took Vicci Williams to West Wind Sacramento 6 Drive In to see GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra and Transformers II. When I left the drive in, I played my CD player in my car and a CD that Shannon McCabe made for me was playing. I hit all the tracks of this CD and it was definitely the CD that Shannon made for me. The strange thing is the fact that I took out Shannon’s CD earlier that day. There was no CD in my CD player, but here it was playing the songs of Shannon’s CD. After I placed another CD into the CD player everything was back to normal. I had to pull over my car, because I was totally flabbergasted on how something like this could happen. Vicci witnessed the event and she was astounded by this odd incident.

This past weekend I learned of a ghost at the Fensalden Inn in Albion, just south of Mendocino. Their website is http://www.fensalden.com/.

The story as told to us guests by Bob, the innkeeper goes like this.

In the days when the inn was a bar and brothal, Elsa worked there. She became involved with one of her customers. When he was about to leave, she packed her bags to go with him. He told her she couldn’t go with him, it had only been business.

She retreated to the attic and now haunts it. A lamp will disappear and then some time later reappear, apparently taken and returned by Elsa. The movement of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s desk into the Hawthorne Room (former attic) has quieted Elsa down. She currently turns the light in the room off and on.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Shannon McCabe’s HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Paul on Wikipedia, click link below:
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If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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