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The Sacramento Press provides an outlet for everyone in the community. We hit the street recently to get people’s opinions about downtown’s K Street Mall.

This week’s question: What would it take to get you to shop, dine or drink regularly on K Street Mall?

Matt Gilliam, 34
Aspiring Filmmaker
Downtown Resident

"K Street, I don’t go to that often at nighttime because there are unsavory-type people, scary people. There are more shops and things to do down there than there have been in the past, but it’s still sketchy. I think they could put a police station there permanently, even a little kiosk-deal, so they’re always there. I also think police on the light rail trains has something to do with it, because the light rail carries baddies to K Street."


Diane Sousa, 32
Mather Resident

"At some point, K Street was exciting. But it’s empty now. I guess a variety of dining options. Affordable is always attractive. I’m thinking more upscale, but affordable — something trendy and fun."


Robbie LaCasse, 25
State Worker/Bass Player for the [The] New Humans
Midtown Resident

"We have a rehearsal space down there. When I go down to the area, I just go to rehearse. I feel like if there was more going on down there or more things to do, I would spend more time down there. K Street is lacking attractions. At night, it’s a little questionable. It needs more nighttime-foot traffic. There’s no one down there at night.


Valinda Roberts, Declined to Give Age
Fiscal Manager
South Sacramento Resident

"When I worked down there, I did shop and eat there regularly. Now I’m working in Midtown. K Street — they do have two or three blocks there that are a little seedy, in which you do feel a little uncomfortable. One thing I noticed when I stayed to go to a movie at IMAX: A lot of the restaurants on that end were closed. It was a Thursday. It was pretty much dead. I could only find a Blimpie’s or a Subway; that’s all that was open."


Jeff Farley, 28
Art Foundry Artist/Welder
McKinley Park Resident

"I like to eat more organic foods, so: organic restaurants. Better-quality restaurants. I guess if they had more things to see, more artistic venues."


Debbie Tellez, 40
Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance Employee
Elk Grove Resident

"I haven’t been over there in a long time. I used to go all the time. I think there are too many kids — young kids running around. They need to open up more shops, maybe not have so many young children hanging around. There are no shops, so you know it’s like their little hangout. Maybe have more variety of fast food. When I went recently, it just looked like a little ghost town."


John Harris, 55
State Controller’s Office Budget Analyst
Antelope Resident

"I’m interested in smooth jazz. If they had that type of venue, with meals — something like that would be pretty nice. They probably need a few more eating spots. As far as clothing, they don’t have enough for middle-aged people. They have more clothing stores for young people. They need something to pull in the middle-aged crowd."

We welcome your suggestions for future "Street Interview" questions. Suzanne Hurt is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press. She can be reached at suzanne@sacramentopress.com or 804-2856.

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