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Winecrawl on Tuesday features a taste of Sacramento’s wine selection

Ever wondered where to try a good glass of wine in Sacramento? This Tuesday night, Grubrawl USA’s Winecrawl will guide a group through Sacramento’s bars, lounges and restaurants with extensive wine selections.

The tour begins at 6 p.m. at L Wine Lounge, then continues to Michelangelo’s Italian Art Restaurant, The Grand Wine Bar and 58 Degrees and Holding Company before ending at Lounge on 20. It costs $25 to register.

Grubcrawl USA started as a food crawl organization, touring a number of Sacramento’s restaurants. The group has held a bike crawl, a Mardi Gras crawl, and will now expand into the realm of wine.

"The wine crawl adds a focus on different types of wine tasting at the stops," said Michelangelo’s owner Lauren Barton. "It focuses on people who feature wine, as opposed to the other ones which were food crawls."

Though the restaurant does not focus strictly on wine, restaurant co-owner Jacqueline Barton, Lauren’s daughter, works there as as a sommelier, or wine steward. As a certified wine sommelier, she tastes, purchases and selects wines to be featured on the restaurant’s menu.

"[The wine crawl] upscales the Midtown area, and makes it more interactive for people," Lauren Barton said. "Instead of trying to figure out what restaurant to [drink] at, this gives you a chance to go out and interact with the restaurants and talk to people associated with it."

For the Winecrawl, the restaurant will put out foods that complement a white Italian wine called Gavi, Barton added. It comes from the Piedmont area of Italy, and is Italy’s most expensive white wine offered in the United States.

58 Degrees and Holding Company, which features over 500 selections of wine, will also be providing finger food such as bruschetta and cheese, said general manager Joshua Vigil.

"I think that it’s still kind of fledgling," Vigil said of Sacramento’s choices for quality wine. "I love Grand Wine Bar, L Wine Lounge, Michelangelo’s, but I still think it’s a niche area in terms of restaurants."

"I do think [they’ve] had an impact on regular restaurant wine lists in terms of people adding to their selection," he said. "[Regular restaurants] know there’s competition out there for people interested in non-corporatized wine lists, and people are really still into wine even though the economy is down a bit."

58 Degrees and Holding will also be offering discounts on wine purchased on Tuesday.

Here are the locations and the route for the crawl:

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