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3rd Annual Kitty Palooza

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Needing to fill a void in your life? With two-for-one cat adoption specials, Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation’s Kitty Palooza could be the event to help you do that.

This Saturday and Sunday will be an opportunity for Sacramento cat-lovers to find one, or two, new friends.

The third annual Kitty Palooza will be held at the Sacramento County Shelters on Bradshaw Road August 2. Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation Communication and Media Officer Annie Parker said the two-for-one cat adoption option is the main draw.

"We like to extol the benefits of having two cats; they keep each other company, they take care of each other, they don’t get too bored and ruin your furniture," Parker said. "And when people find out that they get two for the same price that they can get one, we have gotten a lot of takers on it."

According to Parker, there are at least 100 adult cats and kittens up for adoption. They come with a bag of food, kitty litter, and toys. If they are not spayed or neutered upon the time of adoption, said Parker, they will be within the week.

Cats can have multiple litters a year, Parker said. Shelters like Sacramento County can receive a daunting influx of kittens in spring and early summer; Kitty Palooza is a way to help find them homes.

"Cat populations can explode and generally cats come in groups, and that could be six cats that have to be spayed or neutered," Parker said. "We have so many cats, so we do these two for ones and special adoption events because we overwhelmingly get more cats than dogs, always."

The event will also offer activities like face-painting, prize drawings, and free pet care information. The process of adopting a cat should be a personal and enjoyable one, said Parker, and the festival-like atmosphere will help to induce that experience.

"It’s not like you just point at a cat, and it’s like, ‘Okay there you go.’ They want you to sit down and get to know the cat. A lot of that stuff is here to put people at ease, so they can relax a little bit and take their time looking around. So we are offering little entertainment, carnival things like that," Parker said.

If you already have a cat, said Parker, adding another one to your home through Kitty Palooza involves "minimal issue." The event, a kitten mecca, has huge draw for children; the array of irresistible cats will usually result in a new addition to a home

"I ended up adopting a cat last year," Parker said. "You come, and it’s kind of inevitable."

WHAT: Kitty Palooza
WHEN: Aug. 1, 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; Aug. 2, 11:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
WHERE: Sacramento County Shelter 4290 Bradshaw Road
COST: Free

For more information about Kitty Palooza, click here.
Photos Courtesy of Annie Parker

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