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All-natural bodybuilders to compete for “pro status”

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Saturday, June 20, men and women will flex their sculpted bods and bulging muscles to compete for what Johnny "The Motivator" Carrero calls "pro-status."

This isn’t your average bodybuilding competition, however. Carrero, an advocate for drug-free fitness, is holding his annual "all-natural" bodybuilding competition at Folsom Middle School, which hosts the competition every year.

"I promote drug-free bodybuilding and show youth and athletes that they can still look fantastic naturally without using steroids or other drugs," Carrero said.

Carerro, who’s been in the fitness industry since 1993, is a personal trainer and knows firsthand how dangerous drugs like steroids can be. He began using steroids when he was 19 and after learning about their side effects, he got clean and dedicated his life to fitness free of pills or substances.

He has not only promoted natural bodybuilding shows for the last 25 years, he also has his own personal training company, Sacramento’s Fitness in Mind, and is devoted to helping athletes get off and stay off drugs.

"Back in the day, steroids were not illegal in sports. Once it got on the black market, people started making money from them and that was when they found out all of the side effects," Carrero said. He said that steroid use is a serious problem and can be potentially deadly, but that many people are just looking for an "edge" that drugs might give them instead of long-term consequences.

The more than 20 local and national athletes competing in Saturday’s competition must be drug free for at least seven years and as a way of ensuring that they are clean, competitors are given polygraph tests the day before the competition. If it appears that he or she is lying, the competitor is subject to a urine test at his or her own expense.

Touted as the most competitive drug-free competition in Northern California, Saturday’s competition will be broken up into different categories including the Natural Gym Association (NGA) Natural Mr./ Ms. California bodybuilding event, the NGA Natural Ms. California Figure Championship and NGA Natural Ms. Physique California Championship. Qualifiers will be given a Pro Card, which will enable them to go on to compete in the NGA’s professional competitions held nationwide.

Prejudging rounds will include a series of posing. Final rounds will include posing routines with music, pose-downs by class, symmetry and muscularity comparisons within classes and presentations of class and overall awards.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to local educational programs that teach youth about the harmful effects of anabolic steroids.

Folsom Middle School is located at 500 Blue Ravine Rd. in Folsom. Prejudging will begin at 10 a.m. and tickets cost $10. The final rounds will start
at 6 p.m. and tickets cost $25.

For more information about Johnny "The Motivator" Carrero or Fitness in Mind, click here

Here is a list of the N.G.A. banned substances:

-Anabolic steroids


-Growth hormones

-Prescription diuretics

-Prescription psychomotor stimulants (i.e. amphetamines)

-Muscle implants

-Chemicals/drugs for purpose of changing polygraph results

-Clenbuterol (drug used to treat breathing disorders)

-Any FDA/IOC banned substance

-Any illegal/illicit bodybuilding drug or substance


Images are of competitors and winners from past competitions


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