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Sacramento Pursues Court Judgement Against AT&T “U-Verse” Channel 99 Carriage of Local PEG Channels


 After months of careful consideration and many attempts to resolve differences, the Cities of Los Angeles, El Segundo, and The Cable Commission of Sacramento County have filed the a lawsuit opposing AT&T’s implementation of the 2007 Digital Infrastructure Video Competition Act (DIVCA). The document can be viewed at: http://www.lacity.org/ita/stellent/groups/departments/@ita_contributor/documents/contributor_web_content/lacity_007049.pdf 

To quote from one paragraph of the lawsuit filed May 21, 2009 – AT&T California is in violation of the DIVCA State Cable Franchising Law as follows:

  1. The quality and functionality of the PEG signals made available only via (AT&T California’s) PEG platform is not similar to that offered by commercial channels on Defendant’s U-verse video within the meaning of California law. 
  2. The AT&T U-verse PEG programming is accessed and selected differently; 
  3. The PEG platform functions differently; 
  4. The PEG platform does not pass through information that is passed through on commercial channels. 
  5. The quality of the PEG platform and the commercial channels is also not similar. 

This will be a very significant case because similar legislation has passed in 19 different State Legislatures over the past two years. Those opposed to AT&T’s implementation of the law point out that PEG channels on the AT&T U-Verse system are delivered in a manner substantially inferior to other cable channels. The court is being asked to determine if AT&T has violated the law and what, if any, changes will need to be re-engineered to make U-Verse PEG channels compliant with DIVCA. The final resolution of the case may determine the future of PEG cable channels in California and many other states. 

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