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Think You Can’t Work in Television in Sacramento? Think Again!


When you hear the job title, television producer, your mind may create images of slick guys in $5000 dollar suits. Or perhaps you envision the Hollywood sign and the red carpet. While these images may be the first things you think of, in the world of television production they are far from the truth. I had an opportunity to sit down with multi Emmy award-winning television producer Theresa Wells as she shared with me how she became a success as well as what projects she is currently working on locally in Sacramento. Theresa has won three Emmys over her twenty year career in the television industry and has worked as a producer for ABC networks in San Francisco. She now resides and does freelance work in the Sacramento area. When I asked her about how it feels to win the highest honor in television, the humble producer simply said “it feels good to have your work recognized.”

Time to Fix Up the House

Theresa, in partnership with The Idea Factory, a local production house in Sacramento, is currently producing a pilot reality series called “Home Crashers”. “Home Crashers” is a 30 minute show that seeks out people who want to have a room remodeled in their home and is now filming its fourth episode. “The show is geared towards men; it’s not interior design and decorating- it’s about knocking down walls and power tools… real manly-man stuff!” said Wells. “The show takes place in the surrounding Sacramento area. We find people at local Orchard Supply stores and ask if they want to have a room remodeled. We currently are filming our fourth episode and will have a total of eight for the first season.” When asked about the task at hand in filming a series, Wells was quick to explain that starting a show from the ground up is hard work. “I work really hard at establishing rapport with the show’s on-air talent. I help find people to be on the show while writing scripts and working with both contractors and designers to make sure the job is perfect while meeting my budget…each shoot is three days long and we don’t leave until the job is finished, which means I’m on set sometimes 12 or 13 hours a day.” When asked about the difference between reality television and broadcast television, Wells stated that there is a clear difference between the two. “On set, I am in charge…the hardest part about working in television is that roles are not defined. It is my job to define their [the television crew] roles for them… making sure the crew knows what’s going on, talking to the lighting person, as well as the sound techs…there are associate producers and production assistants. Everyone needs to know what to do, and they rely on me.”

What the Future Holds

In addition to “Home Crashers”, Wells works as a freelance producer for ORACLE technology in the Bay Area. “I love to travel, so working for ORACLE is great…I can’t believe they pay me to do this! They send me all over the world to interview important people for the company…it is fantastic!” As far as getting more active in producing again, Wells said that she is completely content with being semi-retired. “The great thing about working freelance in television is that in my experience, it has always been flexible. I still get to be a mom.” As far as advice goes for someone who is looking to get into television, she preached only one thing. “Internships! If you can get your foot in the door, internships are the best way to go. It is all about who you know in this business.” Check out the first season of “House Crashers” premiering on DIY (Do It Yourself) network, an HGTV affiliate, this October.

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