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Broadcast Blues Review

Sue Wilson’s Broadcast Blues, released in Sacramento on March 22 at the Crest Theater, was a hard hitting look at today’s corporate media. The film was well organized and easy to follow, repeatedly jumping back to summarize its themes. The stories used to illustrate each point Wilson wanted to make didn’t just explain, they hammered home her point.

Wilson’s attempt at a hard-hitting acting style distracts somewhat when she tries to summarize throughout the movie. The use of one song throughout, especially with the lyrics writtten explicitly to reflect the documentary, adds a streamlined cohesiveness. While the film exposed a little-voiced concern of the people and the press, it was more artistic than informative.

Overall the film was effective and would have been more so if over-dramatization wasn’t used in every scene. The main theme of asking questions and taking action is easily recognizable and the information contained in the film makes it well worth your time but it isn’t something I’d need to watch again.

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