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Ask Officer Michelle – A filthy problem

Dear Officer Michelle,

I have a question regarding a problem situation that my neighbors and I have been facing these last few months. We all live in a midtown apartment complex that has covered parking in the back off the alley. For the last six months or so, someone has been urinating and defecating by one of the cars in the covered parking area. We really did not know who was doing it until last week when our apt. manager discovered that it is a homless gentleman that is well-known to the area. I understand that it must be difficult to find places to go to the bathroom when one is homeless, however, his use of our parking area is filthy and inexcusable. What can we do about this problem? The apt. manager chased the gentleman off, but I am fairly certain that he will be back again. Is there really anything that can be done, other than chasing the man off every time we catch him?

Thanks for your help and expertise!

Dear Michilee,

This is a problem with the homeless downtown. You are right in that it is sometimes hard for them to find a bathroom, but there are public restrooms in many of the parks downtown. It sounds like your apartment manager is aware of this problem which is the first step.

If you catch them in the act, call the Sacramento Police Department at 264-5471 and describe them to the dispatcher. Even if they take off, if we find them, there is a City ordinance under which we can cite them. The caller will have to identify them though since it didn’t occur in police presence. Also, if you happen to have a cell phone camera with you, snap a photo. A picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing is more incriminating than a photo.

If you aren’t getting any satisfaction from your apartment manager, contact the owners. They too have an obligation to make sure things run smoothly on their property. Additional security measures such as lighting and fencing may be appropriate. Good luck

Officer Michelle


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