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Sacramento Tea Party, notes from the lawn

The Tax Day Tea Party at the State Capital in Sacramento Wednesday was colorful, festive, windy and there were no crumpets in evidence. There was at least one individual dressed in colonial garb. He may or may not have been looking for redcoats.

The signage was varied in message and ranged from "Don’t Take My Guns", "Keep your change" to "Take Back America" and several "Don’t Tread on Me" banners. There were signs that were critical of the president and (apparently) his policies.

There was a sign reading, "Obama is the 4th beast".

A number of signs promoted small business in America.

There was live music and tables at which you could register to vote.

The Stars and Stripes was waved everywhere. This writer looked for the confederate flag and saw none. Neither was seen a peace flag nor an eco-flag. There was apparently no "counter" demonstration.

Neil Cavuto of Fox "News" spoke* as did Michael Reagan, son of the former president and California governor. Michael Reagan has a talk show on radio. So does his brother, Ron.

Mr. Cavuto estimated the crowd at about 5,000. The crowd by evidence of observation and video coverage was nearly all white.

I was told later that Mr. Cavuto adjusted the crowd figure up.  My estimate was anywhere from one thousand to a million, two hundred fifty thousand.

* Editor’s Note: Neil Cavuto did not officially speak at this event, he merely broadcast his show from the event.

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