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Le Soleil brings different approach to personal growth

Announcing the opening of  Le Soleil. Le Soleil is a life, career and spiritual training ground for progressive adults looking to enhance their personal and professional lives, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. 


Le Soleil is the brain child of Rebecca Echevarria. Rebecca is an ordained minister in both the Christian and Buddhist traditions and our lead consultant (life coach). She has studied religion, philosphy and leadership extensively. This background enables her to work with Executives, Soccer Moms, and everything in between. She has written books on escaping the cult mentality, parenting and dealing with adversity. Her core beliefs are that each individual has gifts and talents they can share not only to improve others lives, but their own.Rebecca feels that too many of us spend our time trying to "patch" the whole in our lives rather than trying to fill them. Rebecca writes a blog on Political, Social and Spiritual issues.


Le Soleil’s philosophy is each and every one of us deserve to be the best we can possibly be. We are dedicated to providing individuals, groups and businesses with the optimal resources and skills for maximizing your talents and reaching your goals!!!! We believe each individual has unique gifts and talents that need to be explored and tapped into.We offer Personal Development Consulting, Executive Development Consulting, Life and Career Coaching and Spiritual Counseling for the individual as well as Personal & Professional Training and Support. Check us out on the web at www.lesoleilca.org or give us a call 916-588-6111 or 415-658-1117. Workshops still have open space for May and early June.

Life should be lived without hesitations, without reservations, and without limitations every single day.


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