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Irrigation notification

I arrived home yesterday, to a yellow courtesy notification that had been left on my door. A neighbor of mine, in the McKinley Park area had filed a complaint. A complaint I had made a few days prior.

This notification had been left at my home to draw my attention my irrigation issue. Apparently, complaints are made, when one waters during the rainy season. This I had been unaware of, yet I myself was a little miffed to find that my sprinklers were on, even during the pouring down rain.

I am absolutely clueless about how to maintain my irrigation, garden or fruit trees for that matter. I simply hired a gardener to perform these tasks for me. Well, since my trees no longer have leaves falling from them, I have yet to see my gardener out front my house. My grass does not grow very fast, but there is plenty of work to be done, especially now that it has been over a month since I saw him last.

I have called my gardener to warn him of this water waste issue, but he has not made an appearance. Thanks to my brother who just came into town, I was able to locate my extremely well hidden meter box to fix this issue.

I will no longer waste precious water in a time of drought and extreme rainfall. To anyone else that is interested in making a complaint about one of your neighbors, or has any questions, please call Water Conservation, City of Sacramento Department of Utilities at 916.808.5605.

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