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The National Hotel by Iesha Bayona

On January 10, 2009 myself, Iesha Bayona and friend, Colleen Barragan are off for a girls weekend! Destinations; The National Hotel in Jamestown, dinner & séance in Diamond Springs with Ghost Girls!

We arrived in Jamestown. As we drove through the main street, we felt as if we had taken a walk through time. Entering the hotel took us back to the Gold Rush era. The hotel; currently under renovation. Meant we would be the only guests that night! This was great news considering that we are here to meet the infamous spirit named “Flo”.

We checked into the hotel and went to put our luggage in our room # 1. As we settled in before leaving to Diamond Springs, I started with flash photography! Amazingly, I
Caught an orb in the 2nd picture taken. Upon further review I noticed that this self-illuminating light “orb” appeared to be a women’s face. Considering it is only mid-day. I know that the night ahead will be promising. And with that we were off to Diamond Springs.

Once we arrived we noticed our friend, Paul Dale Roberts directing the traffic out front. We parked our cars and met up with the group. We enjoyed dinner conversation with members of several groups organized by Nancy Bradley, Shannon McCabe and Paul Dale Roberts. This was so exciting as I have wanted to meet both Shannon & Nancy.

We went to check out the “vortex” located in the restaurant. When I stood in the area my body felt an electric charge and a little off kilter. It was time for the séance! We all sat in a back room of the restaurant where Nancy explained some of the pheaonoma that has been reported in that restaurant which was once a hotel. The séance was a success, I had two people come through with messages for me. Nancy also had everyone pull a slip of paper from an envelope; we were reading our animal totem. This is an animal spirit that guides us to accomplish a certain goal, upon that time the paper must be buried or burned so that it can release the spirit so it can continue to help others. This really hit home for me as I am Native American and totems are significant to my culture.

Upon arriving back at the hotel, we noticed that yes, we did have this beautiful hotel all to ourselves. We were exhausted from the day travels and decided we would just hang out on the bed and bring out the equipment. We were chatting amongst ourselves when Colleen suddenly noticed that a hanger located on a coat rack in front of us was swaying back and forth. The odd thing was that there were two hangers on separate hooks. Only one of them was moving. We hadn’t even went “lights out”!

I quickly pulled out my video camera and began to roll, I was feeling sensations throughout my body which gave me confirmation that there was a presence in the room with us. It was a comforting feeling, therefore there was no hesitation to make contact. I began to run an EVP session – no voices were captured but we had located “Flo”. She confirmed for us by moving that hanger (which I had put a necklace on earlier for her) in a defining way upon request. This request was answered twice on video by making the hanger sway more aggressively when I asked it to. We talked with Flo for awhile before she exited for the night. Then it was time to turn the lights off and go to sleep…before I did, I quietly turned on my audio recorder and placed it on the window sill next to me.

After I shut off the lights it was only minutes until Colleen was out. I was awake thinking of all the exciting events of the day. I turned over and was ready to close my eyes when I felt the bed move as if someone had sat behind me. It was only for a few minutes and then she was gone again. Shortly after, I felt another presence in the room. Intuition tells me it was not Flo, as this time I was uncomfortable with this energy. Not threatened, but definitely not comfortable. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep but I felt as if someone was watching me very closely. I opened up my eyes hesitantly looked about and saw nothing. I told myself I was being paranoid and went to sleep.

As the morning came I popped out of bed and grabbed my recorder. Colleen and I began chatting and laughing…We decided we would get up and get ready for our day. Colleen decided she would bathe in the old fashioned bath down the hall. I was playing it safe. I knew I encountered something mischievous before bed, and I explained to her that I did not want to have anything happen while I am in a “vulnerable” state, like naked! In my experiences when you have a “cheeky spirit” they love to catch you at those moments!

When Colleen came back to the room she looked a little bothered, she reported that while she was under the water in the tub she heard a noise, when she raised her head from the water she noticed the light switch had been turned off. She initially thought is was me playing a joke on her until she went to open the locked door….

While we were talking about that experience we got out some equipment and began to check for temperature readings, KII readings, etc. We began to communicate with Flo using the dowsing rods again, then within minutes she was gone, rather suddenly. Colleen and I felt suspicious as Flo was not leaving so abruptly the night before. We went to investigate out in the hallway when we heard something get turned on? We proceeded downstairs to see if there was anyone else in the hotel. When we started down the stairs I saw Colleen stop dead in her tracks…when I began to ask her what was happening I was interrupted by a sensation that made my words leave me. It was a electrical charge that made me feel as if a spirit had just run up the stairs through the both of us. We looked at one another with a huge smile, and began to compare notes about the event.

As we continued down the stairs we noticed that it was all still locked up tight, but the ceiling fans in the saloon were on full blast. That was the noise we had heard begin while we were at the top of the stairs. I pulled out the dowsing rods and attempted to make contact. To me it was clear that we were not dealing with Flo. I asked if “It” wanted us to leave. The tips of the rods magnetized with a YES. So I apologized for disrupting whomever was down there and we headed back to our room.

Colleen was picking up on the spirit of a man. She attempted to get Flo back so we could question her as to whom this male spirit was. As she asked questions with the rods I was taking pictures and rolling the video. This male spirit was pacing in every space after making the trip to the bottom of the stairs. It was clear that he was annoyed, we had bothered him. He paced the stairway and the front doorway to our room. I was able to capture orbs up and down the stairs. His presence led me to believe that this spirit was “beligerant” that is the description I received intuitively.

Colleen and I are talking about this questionable personality when she draws my attention to a “nightlight” located at the base of the wall. It appears to be flashing on in weird intervals that make no sense to our movements within the room. So I got the camera rolling, and we began to make contact with the male spirit through the manipulation of that light. We had really irritated this spirit, and with all the activity going on we decided that we would venture out and respect the male spirit.

Note from Paul Dale Roberts, Ghostwriter:
Iesha Bayona is one of my finest paranormal investigative scouts. This is a private investigation that she conducted and she did an exceptional job!

Findings are in route to you Paul!
Happy Hauntings,
~Iesha Bayona

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