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Cheryl Dell, Melanie Sill, are you listening?

 I have a simple suggestion for the Sacramento Bee.  It’s an experiment.  It might not work, but since the ad revenues for newspapers are drying up faster than the lakes and reservoirs of our drought-ridden state it’s time the Bee took a few chances. 

Why doesn’t the Bee try to sell ads on its Twitter page?  

Now before the Bee did that it would have to promote its Twitter page.  Currently, it has only 468 followers, about half as many followers as the Sacramento Press’s Twitter page has.  This fact is indicative of the Bee being at sea where new media is concerned.  

Twitter works really well for aggregating the content of the Bee’s online paper.  I unsubscribed to its RSS feed in my Google Reader, because I found it difficult to follow in that format.  However, I check my Twitter page all day, and I almost always read the Bee headlines.  In fact, the Bee is one of the reasons I check my Twitter page all day.  

Now let’s assume that I am not an outlier, but the norm for Twitter users.  I like hiking.  So let’s say the Bee sells an ad to REI that gets posted in tandem with every article it posts about outdoors activities.  Maybe the ad is doubled as a banner on the acticle’s actual page.  Maybe the Twitter posting is sold as a value-added with the banner ad.  Whatever the details, the Bee would be taking a bold step in the direction of micro advertising. 

 Again, this idea may have already been mulled over and found wanting.  I’m putting it out there because the idea of the Bee folding up or getting entirely eviscerated disturbs me.  I want the Bee to everything it can to adapt to the changing media landscape.  I want it to try new things until it hits upon a business model that will make it profitable again.  I love new media outfits like The Sacramento Press, but they are not yet ready to take up the slack if local, dead-tree newspapers go the way of the horse and buggy. 

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