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HPI Chronicles: The Mongolian Death Worm

Now the readers of this article are probably going……."huh?  What’s this?"  Paul is now writing about Mongolia, which is pretty darn far from Sacramento!  Well, the answer is yes and no.  I met a guy from Sacramento that has this incredible story to tell and I met him at Harlow’s which is……well, in Sacramento!  After reading the article, there is a cool link to a video created by David Mace of Sacramento of Dyer Lane and there is a link to the Dusty Home Investigation and guess what…….that is also in Sacramento.  So, there is great stuff about Sacramento in my articles, you just got to know where to look for it.   Now, let’s just hope that no one brings over a Mongolian Death Worm and releases them in Sacramento…that’s all we need.  Now to the story below:

Paul has a flashback. Based on a true story: July 1975. Two unmarked CID (US Army – Criminal Investigation Division – DST – Drug Suppression Team) vehicles are parked outside of Army barracks outside Crailsheim, Germany. In the two unmarked CID police cars are two undercover agents on a stakeout. They are waiting for a drug deal to transpire in front of the barracks. An undercover informant is supposed to buy LSD from a US soldier (drug dealer). From in between the parked undercover cars, pops up a head. The head is identified as Porkchops aka Paul Dale Roberts, undercover narcotics agent for CID. One of the agents in the undercover car is startled and is talking on his walkie talkie with another agent, he exclaims: "What the? It’s Porkchops, he appeared out of nowhere and is between our two parked vehicles. He scared the crap out of me..he’s a freakin’ spook that appears and disappears, quit scaring the crap out of me Porkchops! What do you have?" I tell the agent that the perpetrator is bringing three sheets of LSD for the informant to purchase, and to be prepared for the take down! I also describe the perp, my words to the agent: "The perp is wearing black sneakers, bluejeans and a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt." As we watch with binoculars, the transaction is going down and there are 3 perps involved with the transaction. An agent that is posted in a tree……yes, this agent is sitting on a limb of a tree and accidentally falls out of the tree. The perps see the agent fall and start fleeing the scene. They run down a hillside and Tiny (a big narcotics agent) pretends he is chasing them with dogs. Tiny yells to bring out the dogs and starts barking like a dog. The perps think that actual dogs are chasing them and stop in their tracks. I tackle one of the perps and Tiny tackles the other two. All three are in possession of LSD sheets and one of the perps is holding onto 3 tin foil wrapped blonde Lebanese hash. This is a good bust. As they are driven away, I walk alone into the street night preparing for my next bust. My next bust, I must portray myself as a real pimp and two of the women that will be with me are posing as my prostitutes, when in reality they are undercover narcotics agents. We will be going after a former soldier who is now a civilian in Munich. His line of work is pimping and selling and transporting narcotics. The heroin that he recently sold to 3 soldiers was cut with cyanide and those 3 soldiers overdosed and died. The drug wars will never end.

As you can see from this story, it was this kind of action, that pumped up my adrenaline. I sought out action and adventure and being an undercover narcotics agent in the Army gave me the excitement that I sought out. That is probably why I am now a paranormal investigator. I seek out the thrills and adventure. Instead of busting perps…I bust ghosts…well, I seek out the truth and I look for evidence that ghosts exist. Besides ghosts, I also cover all paranormal subjects, from UFOs to Bigfoot and more. When I say more, I got a call from a Russell Trujan who makes claim that he met a woman in Mongolia through the Internet.

I met up with Russell at Harlow’s in downtown Sacramento. Russell has an interesting story to tell. He fell in love with a Mongolian girl and has plans to marry her. The woman he plans to marry claims her father Ilhan was traveling through the Gobi Desert and came upon a Mongolian Death Worm. The Mongolian Death Worm was bright red and 8 feet in length. As Ilhan was watching the Mongolian Death Worm, it slithered close to a black-tailed Gazelle. He could not actually see the method of kill, but the Gazelle started convulsing wildly.

The Mongolian Death Worm spewed out a liquid from it’s mouth and the skin of the Gazelle appeared to turn yellow and bubble. Ilhan was shocked to watch the Mongolian Death Worm digest the Gazelle, it appeared that the Gazelle was melting and the Worm was drinking the melted flesh of the Gazelle.

When the Mongolian Death Worm finished with its meal, it slithered away and disappeared into a huge pile of rocks. Ilhan took a closer look at the devoured carcass and was surprised that the Gazelle was completely consumed, leaving only bones and a yellow foamy substance on the bones.

Russell asked me do I ever plan to visit Mongolia and take on the challenge of seeking out the Mongolian Death Worm. My answer is ‘yes’. Mongolia is on my list of places I want to visit. Russell asks me if I have ever been to Asia and again my answer is ‘yes’. I have been to China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Burma. Russell is curious on how I got into North Korea. I told him it was simple, I merely walked around the Conference Table at the 38th Parallel. When you are on the other side of the Conference Table you are in North Korean territory. Russell laughed.

As you can see, there are many strange things in our world and our universe. Many things to explore. My list grows large of areas of this world I want to explore and investigate. I now have added the Mongolian Death Worm to my list of Cyptids I would like to confirm as either imaginary or the truth.

An HPI Paranormal Investigator named David Mace created this video of Dyer Lane. Dyer Lane is an urban legend here in Sacramento County. Tales of murder and mayhem, tales of a ghostly police car that travels along the road and vanishes into the field. Here is the video, enjoy:

The Latest HPI Investigation is called the Dusty Home Investigation. Great debunking by Paranormal Investigators Justin Kohn and Nancy Towne, see report here:

Humbug-Willow Creek Hauntings can be read here:

Molly Baumann Investigates Haunted Home in Grafton, can be found here:

And last, but not least, my great writing friend Jose Paman has a new DVD!
Pick up the newest DVD from martial arts expert Jose Paman, find out about his latest DVD: Advanced Ngo Cho at:

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