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Old Sac a destination and meeting place for cyclists

Working downtown out of Old Sacramento I am noticing a significant rise in bike traffic here. Be it  a meating place and/or hub for riding the American River bike trail. Many do not know that this gem known as the American River Bike Trail ends or begins here depending on your POV.  Rumours on the club scene are an organized ride from Old Town Folsom to Oldtown Sacramento are being planned.


It behooves the planners for old town to cater to cyclists as they bring cash and credit cards to old town. Cyclist by and large are quiet adding to Old town ambiance, dont polute and love Oldtown charm. Steamers coffee, a popular destination and resting spot for area cyclists have no outdoor seating as the price for permits are  too steep at this juncture.


Why are the powers that be making it so hard on the businesses of oldtown to draw in tourism? There are also a few choice vacant buildings  that wouldbe perfect for a bike shop. Anyone interested let me know here.

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