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The Midnight Run

It was a Tuesday like any other or at least that what I thought as I worked my day job board as can be watching the people pass by on J St. When I got word of a large fixed gear ride that night and I knew my day was looking up. As I sat longer at work I started to hear more and more word of mouth about this ride, and that this was no regular ride. But a race rather and not just any race a scavenger hunt race, once I heard this there was no way I was going to miss this. So some friends and I showed up around 10pm to see what was happening with this ride. When we rolled up there was about 45-50 people so all of us were pumped for this ride, and couldn’t wait to hear the rules. So turns out there were two parts to the race, one part was a manifest of addresses ranging from anywhere in downtown, such as 4th-28St and G St.- T St. these addresses each had a question about the landmark of that address. Now part two of this race was picking up packages, now each of these packages had an address to another package. So there were no real rules to this race other than you don’t get the ending point until you pick up the last package. You could do anything in any order just as long as the manifest was completed by the time you ended the race with the final package in hand, witch keep in mind contained the ending address in itself. You think that sounds like a lot to do all in 2 hours time, well just imagine how everyone felt when it started raining a good 30 minutes in to the race. Have to say that the rain turned out to be one of the highlights of my evening just added that challenge and set the mood just right for this race. I just hope that we can get another one of these races going again as soon as possible. Thanks to Bike Kitchen, and Upper Play Ground, plus anyone else who helped to put this race together…lets do it again!!!!!

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