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NYE fog delays at Sacramento International

Fog has cancelled at least one flight this morning at Sacramento International Airport. Mine.
Well, my aunt’s. She was flying in from Portland to visit my mother, but after circling the airport for the better part of an hour Wednesday morning, she was off to Palm Springs. She should be back today, later. But keep in mind that it’s wise at this time of year – especially when it’s foggy – to check arrivals at the airport.
I tried to get more general information from the airport itself about flights and delays today, but I was surprised to find that the airport doesn’t have a central information line for weather information. Or if they do, it’s not for you and me.
This makes sense if you’re just calling about one flight, so I called my airline (Alaska/Horizon) and they routed me to an 800 number. After going through a couple of rounds of pick-a-number, I got alive human being. I told him I was wanting to find out about a canceled flight at SMF, he asked, “They’re having bad weather in Sacramento?”
Hmmm…When you’re the one giving information to the person you’ve called for information, well…better luck next year?
In any case, my aunt is now in Palm Springs, enjoying the weather and planning another flight to Sacramento this afternoon. We hope. I’m waiting on the line for her to give me information because she’s more likely to have it than anyone I can call. 
And we’ll hope the sun burns off the fog. And I was enjoying the fog SO much last night, as it swirled around the federal building downtown, and crept through Land Park. LOVE the fog…
But take this as a friendly reminder: For the next few days, don’t forget to check with your airline to make sure that your departing – or arriving – flight will be able to do its thing. Fog is forecast for tomorrow as well…

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