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Who picks up the leaves?

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As a result of the recent wintry weather, downtown Sacramento is coated with layers and layers of leaves. While driving around I noticed that there were tons of leaf piles in the street gutters. And they were everywhere, from H street to U Street.

One thing I noticed about the piles was that some people would make theirs so large it would actually spill over into parking spaces. I later learned that this is one of the reasons why the department asks people to sweep out their piles less than 24 hours before scheduled pick-up time.

311 informed me that the Solid Waste Department of the City Utilities Department is in charge of picking up the leaf piles.

For even more information about leaf-pile pickup, I contacted Solid Waste Dept. Public Information Officer Jessica Hess. Hess explained to me that the department is out six days a week picking up the leaf piles.

Do you have leaf piles in your street? Do you rake your own leaves or do you wait for the City to dispose of them? Have you seen their trucks picking up leaves in your street?

To see when the Solid Waste Dept. will be in your neighborhood, click here


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