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Ghost Girls Tales: Back to the Ione Hotel

Ghost Girls Tales: Back to the Ione Hotel
By Paul Dale Roberts, Ghost Girls Ghostwriter

It’s going to be a long day. I have to be at Shannon McCabe’s home at 2:30pm and prepare for a full day of doing a Ghost Girl shoot and investigation. At Shannon’s home, waiting for me is Shannon & Natalee Black. Shan carefully drives us to the Ione Hotel where the shooting/investigation will be taking place. The reason why I say ‘carefully’ is because Shan just recently received a speeding ticket and she is not looking for another one. It was nice not to feel the G-Force that forces my face into her side window.

As we arrived to the Ione Hotel, waiting for us were people that wanted readings from Nancy Bradley – Celebrity Psychic. There were some people that were waiting for camera interviews, so they can explain their paranormal experiences at the Ione Hotel.

The Ghost Girls Investigative Team consisted of: Nancy Bradley – Celebrity Psychic/Ghost Girl; Shannon McCabe – Ghosthunter Extraordinaire/Ghost Girl; Jennifer Baca – Ghosthunter/Boom Operator; Bryan Coleman – Videographer; Robert Reppert – Videographer; Bob King – Coordinator/Equipment Specialist; Natalee Black – Coordinator and of course me Paul Dale Roberts/Ghosthunter/Ghostwriter. The owner Mahmood Ghani set up rooms for all of us. Staying in Room 5 is Shannon, Natalee and Jennifer. Room 13 is Robert, Nancy. Room 6 is Bob. Room 1 is Bryan and me.

Of course, being a ghostwriter, I wanted to get my own scoops on this brisk November day (November 22, 2008, Saturday). I conducted my own interviews with patrons of the Twisted Fork Bar. Here are my interviews:

Misty Coulter, Bartender: She witnessed 2 wine glasses flying off the shelves.

Lois Vimini: She actually knew George when he was alive. George is now a famous ghost that haunts the Ione Hotel. Lois first met George at Vim’s Club. George died in his room of unknown causes. Lois will never forget playing pool with George for a dollar and she won that dollar and George signed it, as if he knew he would one day be a local ghost legend.

Christina Garcia-Barrett, Shift Manager: Christina has experienced two little children ghosts that love pulling pranks, by jumping on beds in Room 11, they will also play with the TV. In Room 8 & 13, ghostly children play with the heat. Room 1, sometimes the door will lock on its own. Room 11, toilets will flush on their own, also the plunger will go up and down on its own accord. Room 2, there was a guest that was locked in their room for a long time.

Alexandrea Barrett: Has experienced heater problems in various rooms. In Room 13, she placed new soap into the room, then she left the room no more than 5 minutes and came back to find all the soap gone.

Dianne Reif, Pi Palomo and Linda Zanze: I met these 3 lovely ladies at the bar and they actually asked me all kinds of questions about the paranormal activity at this hotel. They actually plan to stay in various rooms of the hotel, so they can experience the paranormal for themselves.

Rhiannon Mehlhaff, Bartender: She has witnessed glasses and pictures flying off the shelves of the bar on their own accord.

Now one of the most unusual things that happened to me this night is the lady I interviewed Christina Garcia-Barrett approached me and took me outside, before I interviewed her. She told me things that jogged my memory from 14 years ago. Come to find out, this red-head once was a blonde and 14 years ago, we were dating. What a surprise this was and what a small world we live in! Would this be coincidental or paranormal?

After re-meeting Christina, Shan had us all prepare to conduct a séance at the former well, where there is now a large table over the well. At this well, a young 3 year old boy fell in and drowned. During the séance, Shannon says: “Do you like spaghetti?” There is an EVP voice recorded that says ‘yes’.

After the séance, we conducted a full blown investigation. Shannon felt someone touch her hair. Later Nancy felt someone touch her hair. Natalee felt something brush up against the back of her neck. While Jennifer and I were conducting EVP work in Room 5, I asked if there was anyone here. We captured an EVP male voice say ‘yes’. In Room 13 Shannon says: “Can you please, please say something?” EVP male voice says something that is inaudible and later says clearly “I care”. Shannon tries again and we record same male voice, EVP says: “I want you.”

We used the McCabe Method of recording EVPs. Say something, wait for an answer and play immediately back. We don’t just leave our recorders on all night. If an entity is going to speak, it’s going to speak immediately. If you ask what the entity’s name is, it’s not going to wait one hour to reply. Simple logic.

We ended this night by walking across the street to Tilly’s Bar and Shannon took over the whole karaoke bar by singing Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Everyone got up and went wild to Shannon’s high vocals, she is truly a professional singer. Sunday it was time to pack it up and it was great to know that this was a successful investigation with a slew of EVPs gathered by the investigative team. Our last stop before heading home was at the Preston Castle, so Bryan Coleman could do some B Roll filming.

Before I close this article, I want you to look out your window, because the Ghost Girls may one day be on your street!

To see photos from the Turlock Investigation and the Ghost Girls Ione Hotel investigation, click on this link:

Paul Dale Roberts, Ghost Girls Ghostwriter/Paranormal Investigator
Email: JazmaPika@cs.com
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503

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