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Light Rail is a success

50,000 people a day on average ride light rail. That to me is a success. Of course it can always improve.

Gas prices are coming down, but that’s no reason not to still take light rail.

While light rail may not be the ideal choice for everyone, if you live outside the City of Sacramento and need to get to the center of town, there is hardly a better way to go

I take light rail to work often. There is a station about 3 blocks from my home at 23rd and R St. and it lets off right at my office. This makes it an inexpensive and convenient choice of transportation.

I often hear people making excuses s to why they shouldn’t take light rail. One of the excuses I hear often is that Light Rail isn’t safe. In my experience it has been exceptionally safe. But for those who are concerned with its safety here is a quote from the RT website about their system policing:

"Police Services current staffing consists of one lieutenant, three sergeants, 22 officers/deputies, 17 transit officers and 50 security guards. Police Services personnel patrol the system by car, bicycle and foot, as well as riding the light rail trains and buses."

Beyond just feeling safe many people who right light rail are very polite and out going. Just today I had a very nice conversation with a fellow rider. This is a frequent occurrence on light rail, pleasant people engaging in conversation.

What are your experiences riding light rail? What do you like about light rail as it exists today? What about it deters you? Please comment below with your thoughts and experiences with light rail.

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