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Are you a resident of Southside Park?

Whether you’re a newbie or have been living in the Southside Park area since your father’s father built the house you live in with his bare hands, nobody understands your neighborhood like you do. From the mundane details like which busses are consistently five minutes late and where to get a killer grilled sandwich, to issues like new development and where the safest areas are, your stories are important. In sharing stories from actual Southside Park residents with the community at large, we’re doing more than just gossiping — we’re helping to create a history of the place you call home.  

 We Want Your Stories! 

Good or bad, long or short, what have your experiences with Southside Park been like? How long have you lived here? Where are the best places to have dinner, or just grab a cup of coffee and chat? In what areas do you feel safe leaving your children — or do you? Where do your children attend school, and how satisfied are you with the education they’re receiving? What issues surrounding the Southside Park area do you feel deserve the community’s attention? Crime? Education? What else would you like to share?     

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