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What we’re all about

The Sacramento Press will be the most comprehensive, local news source and information center for the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.

We are a strictly online newspaper. Our writers are primarily volunteer Community Contributors.

We combined the best tools on the web and built an outstanding platform from scratch. This platform enables people to tell stories about their neighborhoods and have thoughtful conversations about these stories. Then our editors place the best content on the front page and section pages to highlight great work.

The casual experience is like a traditional newspaper. We take pride in putting the content front and center. We also take pride in making our tools for rating content, leaving comments, and flagging inappropriate content easy to find and easy to use. For those who are web savvy, we offer all the tools for a power user to aggregate (rss), categorize (tags), and dig deeper with our “storyline” button.

We are a for profit business, but we consider ourselves a public trust. The original concept of the corporation was a balance between allowing people to join together for a common goal with some profit potential and demanding that the corporation provide a public service to the nation. In our case, we will provide valuable services to the neighborhoods of Sacramento while showing that this kind of community journalism can be profitable.

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